Command-Line Switch Reference

Ninite has a number of powerful command-line options. Here's a quick reference to all of them.

Switches marked pro are only available in Ninite Pro.

/locale language-country

Force apps to install in a specific language.

/proxy server port

Use a specific HTTP proxy.

/proxyauth user password

Authenticate with an HTTP proxy.


Force reinstallation of up-to-date apps.

/silent [report]

Run silently without displaying any user interface. pro

/select app ...

Select apps to install. pro

/prefer app versions ...

Select between major versions of apps. pro


Only select apps that can be updated. pro

/exclude app ...

Exclude certain apps when using /updateonly or /audit. pro


Uninstall the selected apps. pro

/freeze [locale...] [new exe name]

Create a fully-offline .exe installer for the selected apps. pro


Show an app selection window. Useful with offline Ninite .exes. pro


List available apps and their versions. pro


Make an app audit report. pro

/remote [file:machines.txt or machine addresses]

Manage applications on remote PCs. pro

/remoteauth [username] [password]

Set remote authentication info. pro


Don't create desktop or quicklaunch shortcuts. pro


Disable auto-update features for some apps. See details. pro


Force some apps to install for all users. See details. pro

/cachepath path

Set a path for the download cache. pro


Don't create or use a download cache. pro


Clean up the Ninite download cache by deleting older unused files. pro

We're always working on adding new functionality to Ninite, so if you want to do something that seems impossible with the current features let us know. We may be building out some undocumented features that you could help us test.

Pro Classic only

These features are only available in Ninite Pro Classic.

We're working on documentation for the new Pro web interface. For now the available help for that is inline in the interface.

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