Command-Line App Selection

Ninite Pro supports command-line app selection. This lets you use Ninite very much like a version of Debian or Ubuntu's apt-get for Windows.

For example, here's a command to silently install Firefox, Skype, and both the NPAPI and ActiveX versions of Flash Player:

NinitePro.exe /select Firefox Skype Flash "Flash (IE)" /silent report.txt

The installation status is written to report.txt for later review.

You can name one or more apps to install after the /select switch. Here's the list of supported applications and their /select names. You can also get a list of available apps and their latest versions by running:

NinitePro.exe /list /silent apps.txt

You can use the /exclude switch to exclude applications when using /updateonly or /audit mode. The following command updates all applications that are out of date, except for Java and Python:

NinitePro.exe /updateonly /exclude Java Python /silent report.txt

Please note that the /exclude switch is only useful in combination with /updateonly or /audit. If you're already using /select to pick specific apps you would exclude an app by simply not listing it after your /select switch.

Pro only

These features are only available in Ninite Pro.

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