Disable Automatic App Updates

Ninite can disable the built-in automatic update features of some applications.

It works via the /disableautoupdate switch and currently supports these apps:

  • Acrobat
  • Reader
  • Flash
  • Flash (IE)
  • Firefox
  • Java
  • JDK
  • Shockwave
  • iTunes *
  • QuickTime *
  • Opera
  • Thunderbird

* iTunes update and Apple Software Update will be disabled. The QuickTime update check cannot be turned off.

Other applications are unaffected by this switch.

Here's an example command:

NinitePro.exe /select Firefox Flash /disableautoupdate

It installs Firefox and Flash with their built-in auto-update mechanisms disabled. You can then fully manage the software updates with Ninite.

Pro only

These features are only available in Ninite Pro.

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