Patch apps across your whole domain with Ninite Pro

The new remote interface in Ninite Pro

Extra Pro features include remote mode, offline installers, silent mode, more apps, disable app update prompts, RMM integration, and more.

Manage all your PCs at once

Ninite finds computers on your network, so staying secure and up-to-date is as easy as clicking Update. You can also list your computers by name or network address.

Select machines to update

Easier to stay safe

Pro has an Update mode that detects all supported programs on a computer and upgrades them with the latest versions and security patches. There's no need to pick a fixed set of apps or worry about forgetting one.

3 times faster

Installers finish 3 times faster because Pro saves and reuses app downloads.

More control

The options menu makes it simple to install apps without shortcuts or produce software audit reports for your machines.

Extra Pro options

Stop annoying notifications

Pro has an option to turn off the annoying and frequent update notifications from apps like Java and Reader. Ninite can handle their updates in the background.

Stop annoying notifications

Save bandwidth

Remote mode uses just one download for all your PCs. Even if they're firewalled Ninite gets the job done.

No setup needed

There's no client to install and Ninite discovers and updates apps even if they weren't installed with Ninite. Just run it and get started right away.

Totally silent mode

Ninite Pro can run completely hidden in the background without interrupting users. It's easy to script, schedule, or customize using the command-line options.

Silent mode

Offline installers

Ninite Pro can make offline installers that don't need any network access. They're great for housecalls or saving old versions of apps.

Extra apps

Ninite Pro can update and deploy more apps and popular plugins than our free home-use version. Check out the full list.

Simple software audits

Ninite Pro's audit mode shows you the apps on each machine and whether they are up-to-date. It's easy to use Ninite to fix any problems you discover.

An audit report

RMM Integration

We have instructions for easy integration with many popular RMM tools.


Ninite Pro Pricing

Ninite Pro is a subscription service and pricing is based on machine count. Here are some examples:

Machines Total Price
$5115 / month
$1365 / month
$365 / month
$135 / month
$35 / month
$ / month

Annual payment is available for 12 times the monthly price. Paying with a credit card is easiest but we can help you with quotes, purchase orders, invoices, etc. too.

We encourage you to start with a 14-day free trial. It's great for making sure Ninite Pro works like you expect and there's no commitment.

Start your free trial

Have questions about Ninite Pro or how it can fit in your environment? Are you an enterprise with more specific needs? You can email We're happy to answer any questions you have!

How our pricing works

Pricing is per machine per month and tiered. Here's the rate schedule:

Machines Price
First 20 machines / month $1.00 per machine
Next 400 machines / month $0.50 per machine
Additional machines / month $0.25 per machine

Let's calculate a price for 700 machines: (20 * $1.00) + (400 * $0.50) + (280 * $0.25) = $290 / month. Pretty simple!

Answers to Common Questions

Which apps does it support?
Here's the full list.
Can I use one Ninite account at multiple locations and for multiple clients?
Yes, you can use one account at multiple locations and with multiple clients. For licensing we just care about the total number of machines.
Can I pay by wire transfer, purchase order, or check?
Yes, we can do that for our annual prepaid plans. Email and we can help you.
Do I need to install this on every PC?
Nope. Ninite itself isn't actually installed. It's just a .exe that you run. You can run it on one machine in remote mode and manage everything from there. Or set it up to run as a scheduled task or a startup script on each machine. We've designed Ninite to be extremely flexible.
Do my users need to have Administrator rights?
No. Normal users actually never interact with Ninite Pro. You'll either manage things over the network with the remote mode, or update things behind the scenes by having Ninite Pro run as a scheduled task or startup script.
Do you support custom applications?
We don't have custom application support built in right now. It is something we're looking at for a new feature though.
Can all my technicians/staff use one Ninite account?
Yes, one account is good for use by unlimited technicians. For licensing we just care about the total number of machines.
How does the licensing work if I repair different computers all the time?
The machine count resets every 30 days. We designed it this way so it would work for computer repair shops. Just pick the plan that matches your monthly volume.
What if I need to replace a PC, do I need to get more licenses?
The machine count resets every 30 days, so when you replace a PC you shouldn't need to get more licenses. This count is a little flexible too, so it's fine to go over by a few machines temporarily.
How do you count machines?
When Ninite contacts our servers to get the latest configuration information it sends along a one-way hash of some stable values on the machine. Things like the MAC address, hard drive serial number, etc. Those hashes are the machine IDs that we count, so it doesn't matter if computers change IPs or get completely reloaded from time to time.
Can I change my machine count later?
Yes, just email when the number of machines you're managing changes and we can get you set up on a new plan.
My question isn't here.
Ask us and we'll get back to you. Don't forget to leave your email address or we can't respond.