Ninite for Linux is, sadly, closed

We love Linux, but we don't have the time to make our Linux version something we're proud of. We only like to offer our best work so we had to make the tough decision to pull our Linux page.

The good news is Linux distributions have awesome built-in package managers (like APT on Debian and Ubuntu) that you can use. Please refer to your distribution's documentation for more details.

Here are two fun facts.

Our Windows version was directly inspired by how nice and easy Linux package managers like APT make software management. Linux has been way ahead of the game here forever.

The Linux version was simply a shell-script wrapper around APT, so you can get pretty much the same functionality by using that. There were a couple apps that Ninite for Linux would install more manually or add their sources to APT's configuration. But by and large you can get the same functionality just using APT yourself.