Benefits of Ninite Pro

Ninite Pro is the commercially-licensed version of Ninite. The free version is for personal use only. In addition to allowing professional use, Ninite Pro also has some extra functionality:

  • Pro installers save and reuse downloads in a cache. This makes Ninite faster since it can skip the download stage when there aren't updates to an app.
  • A version of Ninite (NinitePro.exe) that lets you pick the apps to install when you run it. Basically Ninite without the website.
  • Option to make fully offline Ninite installers.
  • Scriptable silent mode so you can automate the use of Ninite.

Ninite Pro is billed as a subscription because we're constantly working to keep our app configurations up-to-date as new versions of software are released.

If you're getting paid to run Ninite you should sign up for Ninite Pro. Thanks!