Sorry About The Error

Here are some common errors and their solutions. Please get in touch with us if you need more help.

Error 215 / Certificate Error

Some firewalls and HTTP proxies can interfere with Ninite's connections and cause this. Please try running the installer again with those tools disabled.

Also make sure that the date is set correctly on the PC.

If it's a certificate revocation error it will be easy to fix, please see our certificate revocation error page.

Failed download

The first thing to try is simply running the installer again. Sometimes these failures are caused by temporary quirks at our download mirrors or on your PC. If errors persist, it's best to just manually install the app from the publisher's site.

Failed installation

Try to manually install the app from the publisher's site. This will likely give you an error message with a reason for the failure. If it actually succeeds, drop us a line so we can investigate why it failed to install with Ninite.

Before going to the publisher's site, you can also try to reboot your PC and then try to install the app with Ninite again.

Skipped (.NET required)

Go to and make another installer with .NET and the application that was skipped. Try running that installer.

Skipped (program running/locked)

Close the program you're updating, and possibly your browser. Then try again.

Skipped (misc.)

Ninite cannot install this app on your PC. Sorry!