Using Ninite With SCCM

Kristjan Hansen of Statnett has kindly contributed some notes on using Ninite Pro with SCCM.

We use Ninite for two things:

  • Make programs available for the users in (Config manager)Run Advertised programs
  • Update programs the user has Installed for Run Advertised programs and update programs from Adobe and Oracle (Reader, Flash, Java..) the we have in our standard image.

The first thing we do is to make a package, we called this package Ninite Online Installer

Ninite Online Installer Package

In this package source we have the NinitePro.exe file and a command file that is used to copy the Ninite file to a computer.

Under package programs we have the programs for installing a selected software, Copying the Ninite file to a local folder and one for updating all applications.

To install a selected software like Adobe Reader we use the following command: NinitePro.exe /select reader /silent "C:\Ninite\Logs\Install-Reader.txt" /disableautoupdate /disableshortcuts /allusers This program runs from c:\Ninite on the users computer where we have stored the NinitePro.exe file

The program to update all applications has the following command: NinitePro.exe /updateonly /silent C:\ninite\logs\log.txt /disableautoupdate /disableshortcuts /allusers

And looks like this:

Setting up the command

We have advertised this program to a collection containing all Windows 7 computers, we run this advertisement on a schedule every 2. Days. The advertisement is also set to Always rerun

Setting up the schedule

This way all our computers are allways updated with the latest sofware versions, and we don't have to make a new package everytime a new software version from for example Adobe comes.

Thanks Kristjan!

If you have other tips or feedback on using Ninite with SCCM, please let us know. Thanks!

Pro Classic only

These features are only available in Ninite Pro Classic.

We're working on documentation for the new Pro web interface. For now the available help for that is inline in the interface.

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