Using Ninite With Naverisk

To integrate Ninite:

  1. Log in to Naverisk, and go to the Naverisk Script Pack Repository (Community -> Support panel -> Script Pack Repository).
  2. Download the three Script Packs whose names start with Ninite, i.e. NINITE - Application Update – Audit, NINITE - Application Update - Update All, NINITE - Application Update - Update Single App.
  3. In Naverisk, go to the Script Packs page (Settings -> Client Settings panel -> Script Packs).
  4. For the Client for which you want to use Ninite, select that Client in the Clients panel. Then, using the Load Script Pack button, import all three Script Packs.
  5. For each Script Pack, edit it, and add your licensed copy of NinitePro.exe.

You can repeat steps 3 through 5 for each additional Client for whom you’d like to use Ninite. You can export the Script Packs with your NinitePro.exe included to simplify this process if desired.

To use Ninite:

  • At the Device Management page, select the devices you’d like to work with, then choose Run Script Packs from the Tasks dropdown. You can then choose the Ninite Script Packs in the Run Script Pack dialog that appears. To use the Application Audit and Update All scripts, all you need to do is run them. If you want to update a single application, you can run the Update Single App script, and type the name of the application in the Parameters textbox at the bottom of the Run Script Pack dialog.

  • You can schedule a job to update all supported apps automatically. To do this, go to the Scheduling page, and click the New Job button. Enter the job details as required. Choose the ‘Execute Script Pack’ option, and choose the Update All script pack. Saving the job will queue it for running at the chosen time(s).

If you have other tips or feedback on using Ninite with Naverisk, please let us know. Thanks!

Pro Classic only

These features are only available in Ninite Pro Classic.

We're working on documentation for the new Pro web interface. For now the available help for that is inline in the interface.

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