Using Ninite With GFI

Mark Berry sent in a great post on his Ninite Pro deployment with GFI MAXfocus.

Jason Berg of Numa Networks has generously shared his PowerShell script to integrate Ninite with GFI. It looks like this:

#Define your parameters
$ninite_url = ""
$ninite_path = "$Env:SystemDrive\Ninite"
$ninite_switches = "/silent $Env:TEMP\niniteupdate.log /updateonly /exclude TeamViewer /cachepath $ninite_path\NiniteDownloads"

#Create Ninite download path if it doesn't already exist
if ((Test-Path $ninite_path) -eq $false) {New-Item -type directory -Path $ninite_path | out-null}
#Download Ninite if it's not already there
if ((Test-Path "$ninite_path\NinitePro.exe") -eq $false) {
$ninite_dload_file = "$ninite_path\NinitePro.exe"
$ninite_dload = new-object System.Net.WebClient
#Run Ninite and wait for it to exit
$ninite_launch = new-object Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo
$ninite_launch.FileName = "$ninite_path\NinitePro.exe"
$ninite_launch.Arguments = $ninite_switches
$ninite_process = [Diagnostics.Process]::Start($ninite_launch)
#Report status
Get-Content $Env:TEMP\niniteupdate.log

We've also heard good things about the scripts on this page at FixIT Scripts.

If you have other tips or feedback on using Ninite with GFI, please let us know. Thanks!

Pro Classic only

These features are only available in Ninite Pro Classic.

We're working on documentation for the new Pro web interface. For now the available help for that is inline in the interface.

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