Using Ninite With GFI

Jason Berg of Numa Networks has generously shared his PowerShell script to integrate Ninite with GFI. It looks like this:

#Define your parameters
$ninite_url = ""
$ninite_path = "$Env:SystemDrive\Ninite"
$ninite_switches = "/silent $Env:TEMP\niniteupdate.log /updateonly /exclude TeamViewer /cachepath $ninite_path\NiniteDownloads"

#Create Ninite download path if it doesn't already exist
if ((Test-Path $ninite_path) -eq $false) {New-Item -type directory -Path $ninite_path | out-null}
#Download Ninite if it's not already there
if ((Test-Path "$ninite_path\Ninite.exe") -eq $false) {
$ninite_dload_file = "$ninite_path\Ninite.exe"
$ninite_dload = new-object System.Net.WebClient
#Run Ninite and wait for it to exit
$ninite_launch = new-object Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo
$ninite_launch.FileName = "$ninite_path\Ninite.exe"
$ninite_launch.Arguments = $ninite_switches
$ninite_process = [Diagnostics.Process]::Start($ninite_launch)
#Report status
Get-Content $Env:TEMP\niniteupdate.log

If you have other tips or feedback on using Ninite with GFI, please let us know. Thanks!

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