Patch and Deploy Apps Right From Your Browser

Ninite Pro's new web interface

You can manage your Windows PCs (XP SP3 and later) in a live web interface with Ninite Pro. Install the lightweight Ninite Agent on your machines and they instantly appear on the web for simple point-and-click management. It's an easy way to get a real-time interactive view of all your machines.

A Brand New Interface

The new Ninite Pro lets you manage your software in a live web interface. Each machine is a row and each app is a column. You can select an individual cell to update, install, or uninstall an app on a machine. Or select many cells (or whole rows or columns or everything) to perform bulk actions. You can even watch the agents work in real-time.

Roaming Laptops and Offline Machines

The agent receives commands and sends back updates over a secure connection to Ninite's servers. This means that a roaming laptop looks and works just like any other machine in the web interface. It also makes it possible to issue install/update/uninstall commands for offline machines and have them be delivered the next time those machines are online.

Simple Download Caching Saves Bandwidth

Ninite Pro's cache settings

You can mark some of your machines as cache servers and have other machines route their downloads through them. If the cache server already has a copy of the requested data, it can just deliver it directly without doing another download. This makes updates faster and saves a lot of bandwidth. It's easy to configure and change your cache server settings right in the web interface, no need to plan it all out ahead of time.

Easy Automatic Update Policies

Ninite Pro's policy configuration

By default you can manually control apps in the new Pro interface, but you can also set up auto-update policies to apply updates as soon as they're available. You can also lock apps if you want extra assurance they won't be changed using Ninite Pro, which is great if some machines require a specific point release of Java for example.

Sort, Group, and Filter

Ninite Pro's tag filtering

You can organize your machines however you like by assigning them one or more tags. If you're an MSP (managed service provider) adding a per-client tag is a great way to focus and report on different clients. Ninite will automatically tag machines with their online/offline status or if they're running Windows server or workstation. It's easy to drill down to just the machines you're interested in.

See the Big Picture

Ninite Pro's overview tab

You can get a high-level view of all or some of your machines on the Overview tab. See your patching status at a glance and even update everything (or go app-by-app) with a single click.

Simple to Get Started

Ninite Pro Agent installers

Once you've signed up or have your trial credentials you can download your customized Agent installer. You can deploy the agent via an MSI, using a simple .exe installer with a /silent switch, or using a special network-wide .exe installer that works like Ninite Pro Classic's remote mode. Once the agent is installed you manage everything else right on the web.

Ninite Pro Classic Included

Ninite Pro Classic

We think this new interface is much simpler and more powerful, but Ninite Pro Classic still has its uses. So if you want to integrate with an RMM or other tool, or you're already happy using Ninite in a startup script that's OK. Ninite Pro Classic will still be supported and is included with every Ninite Pro account. Learn more about Ninite Pro Classic.

Ninite Pro Plans and Pricing

Ninite Pro scales and customers use it on networks ranging from tens to thousands of machines.

We'd love to make the perfect Ninite Pro plan for you.

Contact Ninite Sales

You can also call us at +1.888.864.6483 or email

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Answers to Common Questions

Which apps does it support?
Here's the full list.
Can I use one Ninite account at multiple locations and for multiple clients?
Yes, you can use one account at multiple locations and with multiple clients. For licensing we just care about the total number of machines.
Can I pay by wire transfer, purchase order, or check?
Yes, just email and we'll get you set up.
Do you have education or non-profit discounts?
Email and we'll see what we can do.
Do I need to install the agent on every PC?
Yes, you'll need to install your agent on each machine before it becomes visible in the interface. After that everything can be managed on the web.
Do my users need to have Administrator rights?
No. Normal users actually never interact with Ninite Pro. You will need Admin rights to install the agent though.
Do you support custom applications?
We don't have custom application support built in right now. It is something we're looking at for a new feature though.
Can all my technicians/staff use one Ninite account?
Yes, one account is good for use by unlimited technicians. For licensing we just care about the total number of machines.
What OS and versions are supported?
The agent runs on Windows 10, 8.x, 7, Vista, XP Service Pack 3, and equivalent Server versions. The web interface works in Google's Chrome browser on Windows, Mac, or Linux machines. We'll be adding support for other browsers. Let us know if that's important to you.
What if I need to replace a PC, do I need to get more licenses?
Just uninstall your agent from the old PC and reinstall it on the new one. You can uninstall the agent remotely on the Machines tab.
Can I change my machine count later?
Yes, just email when the number of machines you're managing changes and we can get you set up on a new plan.
My question isn't here.
Ask us and we'll get back to you. Don't forget to leave your email address or we can't respond.