Lifehacker Pack for Linux/Ubuntu 2011—Unattended Installer by Ninite

Ninite installs multiple apps at once without any hassles.

Choose the apps you want below and then click Get Installer. We make a custom .deb package for Ubuntu that will add the proper APT repositories and keys and then install the apps for you.

Ninite started as a project for Windows apps, but we got a lot of requests for a Linux version. We'd love to hear what you think.



Office suite

Text editor

Automation utility


Fast browser

Email client

Multi-IM client

Internet telephone

Bittorrent client

Music, Photos and Video

Media player

Video transcoder

Image editor

Media player/manager

Extra codecs


Online backup/sync

System monitor

Windows API layer

Virtual machine

Top-down terminal

File compression

Optional (for Beginners)

Configuration helper

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